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     Austin, TX

What is Coaching?

As a life coach for young women, my approach is to work with my clients in a co-active relationship to empower them to have more self-awareness, self-respect, and better communication skills. I equip them with the tools and strategies to handle the everyday stresses and pressure that young women face.

More than ever before, young women in high school and college are facing incredible academic pressure, friendship and family drama, poor role models, and communication challenges. It’s no wonder that, in the face of it all, young women can feel insecure and confused.

As a coach, I listen to the fears, doubts, and concerns that young women have about their lives and their futures. I offer new perspectives and help my clients to recognize their strengths, define their dreams, and understand the exciting possibilities open to them. Most of all, I empower women to honor and value themselves. Trusting who you are is the key to a fulfilling, self-respecting life.

The after-college transition to the workplace is one of the most difficult transitions for young women. My goal is to work with them before that transition, coaching them to find their passions, follow their values, and choose a rewarding career path that is about who they want to BE in their lives.

My role as a coach is to ask questions, listen, and empower rather than instruct or advise the client. Coaching is NOT therapy or consulting. Coaching is based upon a relationship between you and the coach, where the coach works with you to get from where you are to where you want to be. The coaching process is always forward-moving. During the sessions, I use innovative tools to focus you on goal-setting and help you learn the difference between being and doing.

Coaching Topics
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-acceptance
  • Academic pressures and demands
  • Body image
  • Relationships (family, friends)
  • Time management
  • Future planning
  • Decision-making (drugs, sex, alcohol, etc.)
Benefits for Young Women
  • Great self-worth
  • Knowing how to make a decision and sticking with it
  • A PLAN
  • Self-acceptance
  • Tools to handle conflict
  • Friendship skills
  • Communication skills
  • Better parental relationship
  • Independence
  • Study skills


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