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My experience working with Allison was great. Her supportive attitude and emphasis on creativity – both in examining one’s struggles and in one’s day to day life – made talking through concerns and questions for myself easy, and even fun at times. Allison is excited to help guide others through self-examination that can help achieve a purposeful, fulfilling lifestyle.— Carly, age 19

It was really hard for me to express my feelings. I didn’t think I was good at art, but art journaling showed me that I do have a creative mind. If it wasn’t for Allison, I would have never even thought to do this activity. Thank you Allison!!— Anna

Walking into today, I felt rushed, anxious, a bit queasy about all the anxiety in my life—no job, no money, no real direction. But after a session with co-workers and Allison’s coaching, I found the exercises and art journaling to truly help focus my thoughts and feelings. I’ll continue to use what I learned from her to continue to have new perspective and use art journaling as a positive outlet for my fears.— Dara

It’s when everything starts to pile up that I realize I need an outlet. That’s where Allison comes in. She was able to listen to any problem and give me different tools to help me change my outlet and perspective. It is very enjoyable interacting with her and learning how to be more self-aware.— Krista

It is so hard to get the motivation to do things you don’t want to do, like go to the gym. Allison was able to show us that by using different perspectives and allowing yourself to do things you DO want to do, it’s easier to motivate yourself to do the things you NEED to do!— Mary

I could never figure out what to write that got my creative juices flowing. Allison had such awesome prompts that helped me fill my pages! She’s A-MAZE-ING!— Kelly

Allison Kramer, of xoAllison Life Coaching for Young Women, presented The Triple Bind, by Stephen Hinshaw and Rachel Kranz, to a group of magnet high school parents and did an outstanding job.  She briefly summarized the book’s premise, then related that to the situations our daughters face in a society which presumes they can have it all–smarts, compassion, athleticism, and success.  She pointed out, clearly, how trying to fit this unrealistic standard is talking a toll on girls’ self-esteem and real goals.  Her talk was clear and intuitive, and Allison herself is approachable and insightful.  Her ideas about helping our daughters set priorities and become more self-aware were spot on–very helpful and thought-provoking! — Laura Cottam Sajbel (


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